Rhino Safari Camp

Essentials To Bring Along

CLOTHING: The weather at the time of year you visit us will determine what clothes to bring. When it’s hot, cotton or microfibres are best. When it’s cool, these still apply as the days still get warm, it’s night times and early mornings that are the problem.

Colours should not be “light, white or bright” : bush green, brown, khaki, medium grey, all the colours of the bush which will help you to blend in while you are on activities are ideal. Broken patterns such as checks – floral designs and so on also help with blending in with the bush. BLACK and WHITE are the two extremes which will make you ultimately noticeable to the wildlife, which is what you really want to avoid.

Long sleeved shirt/s: to wear over a T-shirt or vest prevent shoulders necks and arms from getting burnt and from the majority of thorns and bushes that can scratch quite badly. These can also double up for warmth and insect protection at night.
Shorts and/or longs: for bush walks bearing in mind that you will be walking through jesse bush with lots of thorns, grass etc which may scratch your legs. Sunburnt knees can be agonizingly painful.
Shoes: for bush walks should be comfortable and have flexible soles of medium thickness (thorns) and preferably be worn in. Socks are suggested to prevent blisters.

For around camp, vests, T-shirts or cotton shirts, shorts and thongs or Teva rafting shoes. Hat or cap to protect your head, face back of your neck and ears from sunburn.
For evenings a pair of longs and long sleeved shirt offer additional protection from mosquitoes and other insects. In winter a fleece can be useful for early morning and evening game drives. If you feel the cold bring gloves, wooly hat and scarf. But only in winter.
In the rainy weather a waterproof jacket with a hood and a few heavier jerseys as it can get cool in the evenings and after the rains have fallen.

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Other Essentials

  • Prescription medications and a spare pair of reading glasses, contact lenses and cleaning solution.
  • Camera with plenty of spare film or extra memory cards.
  • Torch or night light for reading.

Important To Remember

The key to the safari is to have along exactly the items you need nothing more, and nothing less.
Also, depending on where you’re coming from, you may have to bear in mind that there is a 10kg weight restriction on charter flights. There are also space constraints on boat transfers, and we ask that luggage is packed in a small soft gym type bag, preferably waterproof.
* This is not the place to bring your biggest rigid Samsonite to. Or the five cubic foot drinks cooler.

We have a kitchen sink you are welcome to borrow!


For viewing far away things close up!

Please Note!!

Unfortunately, camouflage clothing is banned in Zimbabwe. To avoid what could be an embarrassing incident, please do not bring any with you.

Check list

An absolute must to bring along:

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent


We supply: soap, shampoo & toilet paper.
Please bring all your own other toiletries. A nail brush and grooming kit can be useful.

Batteries, Charging Units & Adaptors

We do have facilities for recharging batteries on a 220–240V system. If traveling from countries with different electrical ratings, please be sure to bring a suitable adaptor.

Spare batteries are also recommended so you don’t miss great photographic opportunities while your batteries are on charge.

Books, Journals etc.

Any specialist bird or animal books you may have or a journal, drawing book or sketch pad or any such creative quiet time occupation which you may find is stimulated by the tranquility of our environment.