Rhino Safari Camp

Weather Guidelines

Zimbabwe is subtropical and the low altitude of the Zambezi Valley and the proximity to the Lake play a big part in our climate and weather.

WINTER: in the area starts at the end of the rainy season and becomes progressively cooler from March through to July, slowly warming up again during August and September.

The day time temperatures are pleasant with temperatures averaging between 20 and 30 degrees celcius. Night time and early morning temperatures in the mid-winter months of June and July can become cold reaching 2 degrees just before sunrise. There is seldom rain during this time. As the bush dries out the vegetation becomes sparse and animals are more easily seen.

SPRING: From September through to the beginning of November spring is in the air.

Day time temperatures increase to between 35 and 45 degrees celcius in the build up to the rains. Night time and early morning temperatures are slightly cooler. With the gradual increase in ground temperature, the vegetation comes out into new leaf providing the animals with fresh green shoots even though there is no rain.

SUMMER AND RAIN: The start of the rainy season is highly variable but normally the first few heavy rains are experienced at the beginning of November. These go on through the Christmas season to the end of February. Temperatures vary : the build up to a storm can see temperatures increase to the mid 40’s celcius, after the rain falls this can drop to below 20 celcius. With the first rains the vegetation seems to thicken almost overnight and the bush is alive with vibrant shades of green. Animals which have held off giving birth suddenly do so, and the bush is bursting with new life, both plant and animal, at this time of year. There can be a high level of humidity at this time.

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How To Get There

The camp is accessed by boat either from Kariba (roughly one and a half hours) or from the nearby Tashinga or Rhokari (Kiplings) airstrips (roughly forty minutes). Boat transfers are by speed boat.

Depending on the time of year the camp can be accessed by road, but this definitely requires a 4x4 vehicle, lots of fuel and spare tyres and both a sense of adventure and a sense of humour. This is definitely not advisable in the rainy season as the many local rivers tend to flood and become impassable.

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