Rhino Safari Camp

The Bedrooms

Each of our six twin bedded rooms nestles within the jesse bush along the lake shore line.

The emphasis is providing our guests with their creature comforts without losing touch with the natural surroundings.
Rooms are elevated wooden platforms with extended thatched roofs. Reed half walls at the sides and back allow for natural ventilation. The open fronts are screened with drop down reed mats which are opened or closed according to requirements.

The spacious room offers superbly comfortable twin beds, a wardrobe, seating area and dressing table. And of course magnificent views of the lake.

At the back of each room at a slightly lower level is the en suite open air shower, flush toilet and hand basin. Plenty of running hot water is available from wood fired boilers. We supply toilet rolls, towels, shampoo and soap.

Medical and Safety

Camp guides and management have received emergency medical training and a fully stocked first aid box is on hand at camp.
Emergency air evacuation cover is provided on request.

We strongly recommend seeking advice from your health care provider for anti malarial prophylactics. Larium can cause alarming side effects so please research carefully and try it out before you travel.

During the hotter months dehydration is our greatest enemy and there is a plentiful supply of water on hand. We urge our guests to drink plenty of fluids during this time.

Please be sure to bring along any specialized prescription medication as well as a copy of a prescription in case these are damaged or go missing. A spare pair of reading glasses can also be useful.
It should be noted that we are in a safari area and operate within a potentially dangerous environment. Our professional guides are armed and highly qualified by experience to ensure the safety of our guests at all times.