Rhino Safari Camp

The Main Boma

At the entrance to the camp is the main boma, the central area where we meet, eat and relax. This spacious platform is completely open at the sides allowing the breeze from the lake to cool the interior. We use both upstairs and downstairs sections for dining and relaxation.

Downstairs is a discreet bar and buffet area with a dining area and camp seating area. Upstairs is a comfortable living area and alternative dining area with magnificent views of the lake and the animals as they wander along the shoreline. We have a small but practical selection of reference books and reading material on offer, and a selection of traditional games to keep you occupied.
Tea, coffee and other beverages are available to guests throughout the day in the boma.

Hut inside

Meals and Drinks

All meals are freshly prepared at camp,
with maximum nutritional benefit in mind.
Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are offered, but we ask that vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies let us know about these requirements in advance so that we can plan our supplies accordingly.

Breakfast: Our early morning snack incorporates porridge, toast, cereals and fruit.

Brunch: Offers a light main dish with salads and accompaniments followed by dessert.

* Cakes and biscuits for tea are freshly baked.

Dinner: A three course affair with starter, main and dessert. Tea, coffee, water, cordials and soft drinks are available throughout the day in the boma, and water is provided in the rooms.