Rhino Safari Camp

Our safaris

Our safaris are not just about photographic encounters with the Big Five. Each is an adventure and a deeply moving learning experience. All activities take place in the care of professional guides who are there to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the animals and trees, plants, insects, history and geography of this wilderness area. There is also plenty of time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the African bush.

A typical safari day starts with the rising of the sun. We meet in the main boma for a light breakfast before setting off in our open safari vehicle. Your professional guide will be looking for the signs of nocturnal activity – Vultures circling – telling of a possible Lion or Leopard kill, Rhino making their way to the water to drink. Dew-drops glistening on spiders webs, dung beetles busy rolling their impossibly large ball of dung, or Fish Eagles making their way to the shoreline to commence their day’s hunting. No two days are the same and there is always something different and exciting to see.

As the heat of the day starts to be felt return to camp to enjoy brunch, before retiring to your room for some private game viewing time – or to enjoy a siesta or catch up on your journal. The drum signals time to meet up in the Boma again for High Tea with freshly baked snacks before heading out for an evening drive or cruise.

Late afternoons are the best time to cruise along the shoreline, exploring the creeks and inlets. Catching a glimpse of hippos or crocodiles. Cruises also offer excellent opportunities for photography, allowing you to get up close to the animals from the safety of the water. Enjoy a cool sundowner as you gently drift along, and marvel at the spectacular Kariba sunsets that splash vivid colours across the wide open skies.

Return to camp as dusk envelopes you welcomed by the gentle glow of the camp fire and twinkling lights of camp. After a hot shower beneath the stars your guide will escort you to the fire to enjoy a cold drink and share the days adventures. There is very little light pollution in the area and on most evenings the major constellations in the night sky are clearly visible.

Rhino with car

Weather permitting, we enjoy our dinner beneath the stars in a clearing at the foot of the boma, slowly making our way back to our rooms for a refreshing nights sleep under the watchful eye of the guides.

Our routines are not set in stone and there are numerous places of great interest and natural beauty to be explored. A packed lunch can be arranged and guests can partake of a picnic in a suitable area. We sometimes venture forth from camp and find an alternative spot from which to enjoy the sunset in the presence of elephant, hyena or lion. It all depends on your requirements and what mother nature provides.

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